KRK group focuses on value and brand creation for the clients able to deliver its best expertise to achieve the goal. Developing strategic platforms and creative promo concepts is one of the main field of group expertise. From complex turn-key solutions to tailor made marketing instruments developed exceptionally to achieve your goal.
01 Corporate
complex of ideas, visual and verbal elements of the brand. All of these highlights the benefits of the company, competitive advantages and key message for every segment of target audience: employees, investors, distributors, customers, society, and government.
02 Retail
the main feature is creating atmosphere (interior design, prototype of the store, office or showcase).
03 Consumer
development and implementation of programs which form positive customer experience. Creating new products and services, using digital marketing platforms allows you to engage more effectively with your target audience.
04 Political
forming complex of visual and verbal elements, emotional perception, behavioural patterns of the audience towards the politician, political party or product.
Brand’s platform
Developingbrand mission and idea highlighting functional and emotional benefits of aproduct or services.
A phrase which used as a repetitive expression of company’s or brand’s idea.
Brand naming
Developing unique name which highlights specificfeatures of the activities and values of the company based on psychologicalfactors that affect the perception of targeted audience.
Corporate identity
Creating the brand’s image which will highlight its mission, values and targets. Developing logotype, fonts, corporate colors.
Tailor made logotype, corporate colors, style-forming elements which create unified brand (company) image.
Marketing strategy
Basis for the company and brand in global competitive environment. Long-term development plan.
Communication strategy
Communicate with your targeta udience in a professional way achieving even more results. Guideline for PR and media activities of the company. Defines communication rules between the brand and its target audience.
Positioning strategy
Developing the positioning concept. Forming key offers that will make the brand different from the competitors.
Package design
Package design directly influences the sales volume of the product. Customer has too little time in the store to evaluate your product and decide whenever he wants to buy it or not. The right package motivates to make the right decision.
Wecreate unique system of complex brand development — BRAND A.N.E.K.S.

Combination of artificial intelligence’s analytics and our experience lets us find out consumer insights.

This system allows us to structure the whole work process so we can develop effective creative concepts. This let us create unique brand image achieving client’s business goals in the most efficient way.
Studying available data, monitoring competitors, defining the target audience.
Neural Network
Artificial neural network provides us with market and consumer insights.
We add bright emotional visual or verbal element which helps the customer to make purchase decision and increases customer loyalty.
Mission of the brand which reflects Unique Selling Point.
Creating visual and verbal identity.
Research and analytics
Verbal identity
Visual identity
Sensory branding
Adaptation and implementation
Create a name and visual identity for the international platform of online investments.
Corporate identity
Groundfield Trust
Create visual identity for the European company which provides financial and administrative services for individuals and companies.
Corporate identity
Positioning strategy
2B Market
Create visual identity for 2B Market —  international wholesale platform.
Corporate identity
Positioning strategy
Double B
Create unusual seasonal menu of winter drinks for Double B Coffee&Tea