We’ve been developing our own and clients’ projects for more than 10 years. This experience allows us to define the key point of work.
We create our own technical instruments to meet the target and make it more efficient.
Neural Network, Big data, — all of it helps to complete difficult tasks.
We invest ourselves and often become our own client. That’s why we understand all risks and difficulties which are not
Art and creative work can be planned and become effective as well if you’re working in a team of talented individuals.

Corporate learning system, team motivation and deadline management allow to gain experience constantly.
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Head office
94 Boulevard de La Petrusse,
2320 Luxembourg
P. 893434002023
We are implementing our
projects in 16 regions.
31 International Business Park,
Singapore 609921
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Trubnaya st. 25s3

Moscow 1213620

P. +7 (495) 740-68-04
Daniil Kirikov,
Managing partner
Nikita Ryabinin,
Head of Office, Luxembourg
Max Poletskii,
Creative director
We are always looking for talented people whose values are similar to ours to join our team.